Introduction to Cubicon

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been identified as a world of machines talking to machines (M2M) as they carry out tasks that sustain and improve the lives of their human counterparts. Whereas most see the Web as suitable for IoT retrofit, we contend that its infrastructure was never designed to support this level of network intelligence. What is needed is an architecture that provides a common framework for representing information in a format that is understandable and usable by man and machine – Cubicon.

Cubicon System Cube Model

Cubicon is a graphical programming language, tools and technologies that perform context processing to support the intelligent interaction of networked devices and things.

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Architect's Reality Check: The IoT – As the title suggests, Sanford Klausner performs a 'reality check' listing architectural requirements for turning the Internet of Thing's vision into reality.

Requirements for the IoT – This presentation lists eight requirements that must be met for machines to perform intelligently and autonomously in the IoT.

Apps for Everything – Currently, apps are for people to interact with machines. In the IoT, apps will be for machines interacting with machines on behalf of people. This short deck gives a high level description of the Cubicon app development process.

Key Innovations – Highlights groundbreaking inventions and innovations of the Cubicon technology suite.


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